10 Things About Black Holes

Even though some of these would be well-known to someone with a passing interest in astronomy, the passion Phil Plait writes with makes me love everything he produces. This time, Bad Astronomy on ten things you don’t know about black holes.

  1. It’s not their mass, it’s their size that makes them so strong
  2. They’re not infinitely small
  3. They’re spheres. And they’re definitely not funnel shaped
  4. Black holes spin
  5. Near a black hole, things get weird
  6. Approaching a black hole can kill you in fun ways. And by fun, I mean gruesome, horrifying, and really really ookie
  7. Black holes aren’t always dark
  8. Black holes aren’t always dangerous
  9. Black holes can get big
  10. Black holes can be low density

via Seed