The Omega Point

The Singularity again, but this time a Gravitational (or Spacetime) Singularity. Specifically the one at the end of existence of the universe.

The Omega Point is the moment during the theoretical Big Crunch when – just before the final, all-ending gravitational singularity – “the computational capacity of the universe is capable of increasing at a sufficient rate that is accelerating exponentially faster than the time running out.” What exactly does that mean?

In principle, a simulation run on [a theoretical] universal computer can continue forever in its own terms, even though the universe lasts only a finite amount of proper time. This theory requires that the current known laws of physics are true descriptions of reality, and it requires there be intelligent civilizations in existence at the appropriate time to exploit the computational capacity of such an environment.

An enlightening read that pushes the bounds on the meaning of the word ‘theoretical’. However, it did lead me to a contender for ‘The Greatest Named Wikipedia Entry‘ competition: The Ultimate Fate of the Universe.