£1,000,000 for a Chemical–Free Material

The Royal Society of Chemistry is offering £1,000,000 to anyone who can produce a 100% chemical–free substance.

Why? Because they have grown tired of the word chemical being used negatively, perpetuating the idea that anything containing ‘chemicals’ is inherently bad.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is today reclaiming the word chemical from the advertising and marketing industries.

It has been misappropriated and maligned as synonymous with “poison”.

The truth, as any right-minded person will say, is that everything we eat, drink, drive, play with and live in is made of chemicals – both natural and synthetic chemicals are essential for life as we know it.


“Should anyone do this, we will see thousands of years’ worth of knowledge evaporate before our eyes. We would have to tear up the textbooks, burn the degree certificates and retrain the teachers.”

To see how bad the situation is, here’s a Google search for “chemical free”.

via Richard Holden