Welcome to Letters Remain. I’m Lloyd Morgan.

This site has its origins in my previous site, Lone Gunman. There, from 2008 to 2012, I penned well over 1,000 posts on topics ranging from science and philosophy to art and culture. This is simply a continuation of that site, under a new banner.

Letters Remain is my guide to navigating Internet miscellanea and esoterica. I can think of no better explanation (and no higher praise) than the words of Jason Kottke, who said of my old site: “one of my favorite new sites … lots of good liberal arts 2.0 stuff”.

The name Letters Remain draws from the evocative Welsh idiom, Cof a llithr, llythyrau a geidw: memory slips, letters remain. This phrase encapsulates the essence of my site exactly: to extend the reaches of my memory, weave connections between disparate ideas, and crystallise my thoughts. These are my love letters to the web.

I hope you stay a while.