A More Positive View of McDonald’s

The Washington Post talks to Jim Skinner, the McDonald’s CEO, and presents a positive viewpoint of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s exemplifies the role of small businesses in Americans’ upward mobility. The company is largely a confederation of small businesses: 85 percent of its U.S. restaurants — average annual sales, $2.2 million — are owned by franchisees. McDonald’s has made more millionaires, and especially black and Hispanic millionaires, than any other economic entity ever, anywhere.

On the nutrition of their meals:

Americans eat 90 meals a month. In a nation with 900,000 restaurants, the average American eats three of those meals at McDonald’s. Surely the other 87 meals are more of a problem. Even McDonald’s core customers, who eat there 50 times a year, consume more than 1,000 meals elsewhere.

A persuasive argument, but surely a red herring fallacy?