Bananas: An Atheist’s Nightmare, and the Scourge of United Fruit

The Banana: An Atheist’s Nightmare is a video I’ve seen linked in numerous places. I think this video nicely sums up Intelligent Design’s ignorance arguments.

God exists because bananas fit well in the human hand and peel easily.

  • First: Hahahahaha!
  • Second: Peels easily? Are we ignoring the fact that – if anything – the banana is ‘designed’ more for primates (for whom the banana is a primary source of nutrients) than for humans? Primates peel bananas using a much superior method that differs significantly to the typical way in which humans do… a method that I have recently adopted.
  • Third: Bananas are designed – the banana we all know and love is a manufactured product – a product that is under threat because of this.
  • Fourth: Hahahahaha!

via kottke and LinkBanana