Celebrating Last Place

Every year, the cyclist who finishes the Tour de France in last place gets awarded the Lanterne Rouge. In 2008 Wim Vansenenant was the first person to win the accolade more than twice.

[Winning the Lanterne Rouge means you] outlasted those who abandoned the Tour through illness, injury or simple exhaustion; those who were eliminated for failing to finish within each day’s time limit and are forced to withdraw; and those who were banned or withdrew for doping-related causes. From year to year, about 20% of the riders drop out. In other words, you can’t simply coast to last place; you have to work for it.

Similarly, the DFL blog (Did Finish Last?) celebrates daily the last place finishes at the Olympics. The site’s tagline says it all:

Celebrating last-place finishes at the Olympics. Because they’re there, and you’re not.

via kottke (Lanterne Rouge, DFL)