Charlie Brooker’s American Road Trip

With a lengthy US road trip in the pipeline (’09 or ’10, hopefully), I was pleased to read Charlie Brooker’s commentary on his recent excursion to “the Kingdom of Road Trips”.

My ideal holiday is a road trip. All that variety! And sitting down! It’s like watching television, but better, because every so often you get to step out into the landscape you’re watching and interact with it. And it’s in 3D! Perfect.

Apart from one tiny problem. I can’t drive.

We arrived in San Francisco and picked up our car: an unsexy people carrier the size and shape of an industrial refrigerator. A sports convertible may sound fun, but just try driving through the desert in one: within the hour you’d be hallucinating with sunstroke so badly, you’d swerve off the road, thinking you were traversing the rings of Saturn or driving inside Joan Collins’s face.