Cooking for Engineers, Geeks, and the Impatient

The vast majority of new and original cooking content feels like it comes from YouTube, with few original developments happening on independent sites (although I’ll happily be corrected here, as Wadsworth Constant certainly applies to the vast majority of cooking videos, too). Meanwhile, the long-running joke of a rambling, sombre life story complementing a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe is as true today as it ever has been. is a direct response. Taking a minimalist, straightforward approach, recipes can be contributed via Github (although I believe the project may be abandoned). Great for the impatient recipe seeker, if your recipe happens to be there.

Cooking for Engineers is another (long dormant) site that does something inventive. While the recipes are nothing to write home about, I can’t get over this brilliant style of presenting recipe ingredients and instructions:

I’ll certainly adopt this for my big Christmas cooking spreadsheet.1

The site also reminded me of Cooking for Geeks: a pretty fun and accessible book that you can think of as a fun beginners version of McGee’s On Food on Cooking.

1 To complement my Gantt-style planning charts: