Documenting a Road Trip

My travel buddies (as I’ve now decided to call them) and I have decided to do a US road trip… probably in 2010. It will be a coast-to-coast affair highly influenced, no doubt, by this great time-lapse and Dave Gorman’s latest adventure. I can’t wait, but common sense says that I/we must.

This morning I’ve been thinking about how to document such a trip – it’s an important consideration, and one not to be taken lightly. MetaFilter saves the day once again, and brings up some ingenious ideas on documenting a road trip.

I’m considering two different approaches:

  • A hand-written journal packed with notes, drawings and ticket stubs.
  • A large, folded, laminated map annotated with pictures, the odd note, and with the route marked.

Obviously I’ll be taking my camera, but should I invest in some of that romantic Polaroid film now that they’re not producing it any more, or should I eventually get ’round to buying that Holga I’ve always wanted? Or should I do nothing, letting my memory of the event gradually fade, yet untainted by the pressures of ‘not wanting to miss anything’?

via Lifehacker