Evolutionary Gems

Given that the concepts and realities of Darwinian evolution are still challenged, albeit rarely by biologists, a succinct briefing on why evolution by natural selection is an empirically validated principle is useful for people to have to hand.

That’s from the introduction to 15 Evolutionary Gems (pdf): a document produced by the scientific journal Nature to “illustrate the breadth, depth and power of evolutionary thinking”. The ‘evolutionary gems’ are in three categories:

  • Gems From the Fossil Record
    • Land-living ancestors of whales
    • From water to land
    • The origin of feathers
    • The evolutionary history of teeth
    • The origin of the vertebrate skeleton
  • Gems From Habitats
    • Natural selection in speciation
    • Natural selection in lizards
    • A case of co-evolution
    • Differential dispersal in wild birds
    • Selective survival in wild guppies
    • Evolutionary history matters
  • Gems From Molecular Processes
    • Darwin’s Galapagos finches
    • Microevolution meets macroevolution
    • Toxin resistance in snakes and clams
    • Variation versus stability