Food, Wonderful Food (Cooking Resources)

Recipes and Tips for Healthy, Thrifty Meals (pdf) is n ebook created by the US Department of Agriculture’s Centre for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. It contains a wealth of information including: best buys for cost and nutrition; some nice, simple recipes; and food lists for two weeks worth of meals.

If you don’t have all the necessary ingredients, head over to The Cook’s Thesaurus to see if something else you have would make a suitable replacement.

If you have ingredients but no clue what they can produce, Cooking by Numbers allows you to input what you do have, and will tell you what you can make from it, and how.

Once you know what you’re making, this simple list of Cooking Conversions will come in handy translating those pesky American measurements into British units, or vice-versa.

Also useful is the Encyclopaedia of Spices, Ingredients Guide, and these Cooking Tips.

Cook for Good is a site that provides recipes and menus for healthy, thrifty meals that “use less energy and create less waste”. The Hillbilly Housewife is supposed to be a good resource too, but I haven’t had the time to have a browse.