Freedoms Lost and Gained

Intelligent Life asks what freedoms have we gained and lost that matter?

Freedom is central to democracy. That fact doesn’t change, but the amount and type of freedom that we have does. And it feels as if it has changed dramatically in the past few years. With the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approaching its 60th birthday, Intelligent Life asked 11 eminent people from different walks of life to look back over their adult lifetime and name the freedom we have gained and lost that means the most to them. They were free to take freedom in any sense, political or cultural, social or technological. What mattered was that it mattered to them.

So far, 10 have been interviewed: Richard Dawkins, Shami Chakrabarti, Neal Ascherson, Charles Moore, Noreena Hertz, Geoffrey Robertson, Tariq Ramadan, Peter Tatchell, Andrew Roberts and Daphne Park.