Guest Posts (1)

Right now I’m in Japan. I’ll be staying here for another couple of weeks before heading to southeast Australia for another few weeks. While I’m away your occasional Lone Gunman fix will come from a selection of fine guest writers.

For the coming week your host is Alex J. Mann.

Alex has his own tag here on Lone Gunman thanks to the following posts:

As you can tell from perusing the above posts, Alex is a recent graduate, an entrepreneur, and a damn nice guy with brains to boot.

You can read more from Alex on his blog where he reflects on entrepreneurship, culture and technology. As expected, Alex is also on Twitter and you can follow him here.

That’s not all, of course: Alex’s fantastic Delicious bookmarks can be seen and followed here, and you can find out more about Alex’s fantastic startup, AM Analytics, by heading here.

Join me in welcoming Alex–my first ever guest author–by leaving comments on his posts.

Thanks to Alex and to you.