‘Improv Everywhere’ Going Mainstream?

Are the Pranks of Improv Everywhere Mean Enough for Prime Time? is a New York magazine article profiling the quasi-group and its leader. An interesting introduction for the uninitiated and a look at what’s in store for the future for those who are fans.

To date, they’ve staged more than 70 “missions,” as Todd calls them, including the annual No-Pants subway ride that last year attracted 900 people, the Food Court Musical, which is just what it sounds like, and Frozen Grand Central, in which 207 people froze in place in the Main Concourse and held their poses for five minutes.

Last spring, Improv Everywhere filmed an NBC pilot, descending on a Little League game in Hermosa Beach, California, along with screaming fans, NBC sportscasters, and the Goodyear blimp. It didn’t get picked up. […] Recently, Todd sold a book to Harper Entertainment, half an account of his past missions, half a how-to guide.

Can Improv Everywhere have mainstream success?