Letting Go of Love

Worldly advice from Ask MetaFilter.

How do you let go of love? […] For an added level of difficulty, this is a relationship that you don’t really have any bad memories of, so you can’t use those to change the direction of your thoughts.

One piece of advice from me? Originally written as advice on purging book clutter, this is a profound statement that has already helped me in many areas of my life:

De-cluttering involves recognizing that regret is part of life, and being OK with that. Yes, I’ve given away books that I now often wish I still owned. But I’ve also screwed up relationships, made iffy career choices, etc. — you suck it up and move on. If you try to cling to every single thing (material, spiritual, or emotional) that you might need one day in the totally hypothetical future, you’re going to end up bogged down in a lot of stuff.

via Lifehacker