Mysteries of Evolution and an Evolving Dawkins

It is time to move away from anti-religious sentiment/philosophy and instead appeal to the logic of those who refute the theory of evolution. This appears to be the premise of Richard Dawkins’ latest book, The Greatest Show on Earth, where he “traces the scientific investigation of biological change as if it were a crime-scene investigation – building up what he considers an ironclad case for evolution in action”.

That quote comes from a recent Cosmic Log article in which Alan Boyle looks at and recapitulates Dawkins’ evolving philosophy before presenting a wide-ranging (and often amusing) interview.

From that article, here are Richard Dawkins’ four favourite mysteries that still need to be solved:

  • The origin of life.
  • The origin of sex.
  • The origin of consciousness.
  • The rise of morality.

Thanks, Alex