Singles Night at the Library

Not your usual venue for a singles’ night, but I do like this idea.

Anyone hoping to spot a potential partner can pick up a pink badge signalling their romantic intentions at reception. Then they can stroll the aisles looking for a book, DVD, or something – or someone – else that takes their fancy.

This is a different type of singles evening because it’s not being held in a bar, restaurant or nightclub. It’ll offer many people looking for a partner an environment they’ll be more comfortable with.

However I do hope that this idea was born with the intention of bringing the public closer to their publicly funded libraries, and as a way to make ‘public space’ and ‘public libraries’ analogous (as opposed to someone’s ‘wacky’ idea!).

For an interesting video on this topic (libraries as public space), I definitely recommend watching Joshua Prince-Ramus’ 2006 TED Talk on designing the Seattle Central Library.