Social Writing

No, I don’t mean blogs.

  • Protagonize was originally devised as a lark, testing out a new technology platform with what was supposed to be a simple, fun idea. When the site launched in late 2007, it was dedicated completely to the (nearly) lost art of the addventure (yes, that’s spelled right), a very specific type of collaborative fiction. Shortly after our initial launch, the site was expanded to support the creation of linear stories, as well, based on user feedback. This significant change allowed the site to attract a much broader community of authors looking to hone and refine their creative talents. Since that time, many more updates and additions have been made to enhance our authors’ experience on the site.”
  • Book Oven* is cloud-publishing: we are an online toolset that enables individuals and groups to make, improve, publish, and sell print books and ebooks. Book Oven is designed for independent writers and small presses.”
  • Fictionaut** brings the social web to literary fiction, connecting readers and writers through a community network that doubles as self­-selecting magazine highlighting the most exciting short stories, poetry, flash fiction, and novel excerpts.”

*Book Oven is very much in beta and does not yet support direct print-on-demand publishing
**Fictionaut is invite only at this time.