Startup Ideas Y Combinator Would Like to Fund

A list of startup ideas Y Combinator would like to fund:

  1. A cure for the disease of which the RIAA is a symptom
  2. Simplified browsing
  3. More variants of CRM
  4. Web Office apps
  5. Online learning
  6. Tools for measurement
  7. A form of search that depends on design
  8. New payment methods
  9. A web-based Excel/database hybrid
  10. A buffer against bad customer service
  11. Hardware/software hybrids
  12. Fixing email overload
  13. Easy site builders for specific markets

This is only part of the list, and the full page goes into much more depth.

[…] when you read the list, you get a pretty accurate composite portrait of a startup: a combination of relentless predator upon the obsolete and benevolent solver of the world’s problems. As ways of making money go, that’s pretty good. Startups are often ruthless competitors, but they’re competing in a game won by making what people want.