Suing in the Name of God

Soon it’s going to be illegal to see into the future; contact the deceased; and find out what’s inside closed envelopes. Well, probably…

New laws are about to criminalise clairvoyants who fail to note on their advertisements that their services ‘are not subject to scientific proof’.

Obviously, I’d like to think that the more intelligent among us realise that most of this “clairvoyance” is just a combination of Forer effects, confirmation bias and self-delusion, but I’m a positivist.

I can’t wait to see my first case:

“Madame Arcati, you have been convicted of preying upon stupid and gullible people by purporting to see into the future, and to communicate with the dead, without warning them in writing that your art is tosh”.
“But Sir, that’s what we of the spiritual trade have been doing for centuries. Surely the stupid and gullible should be allowed their illusions?”
“And another thing, Sir: If I am to be punished for this, what about the Vicar? He can’t prove his claims any more then poor little I can. What about wrinkle cream makers?”

This has also been in the news previously. I do wonder, though, if it will be stretched to cover the many instances of popular pseudoscience.

via The Magistrate’s Blog