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  • How Sounds and Words Affect Taste

    Background noises greatly affect how we taste food. I wrote about this earlier in the year — pointing out that this is the probable cause of bland in-flight meals — but how else can background noise affect our perception of taste, and can our non-gustatory senses affect how we taste, too? To test this, molecular…

  • Heston Blumenthal and Cocktails of the Future

    I’ve mentioned the molecular gastronomist Heston Blumenthal before, but I’ve now been introduced to Eben Freeman, the Blumenthal of cocktails: a molecular mixologist from New York. On the international cocktail circuit, Eben Freeman is a massive celebrity. He is A + list. He is Madonna. He’s the future of cocktails, the future, perhaps, of alcohol…

  • Molecular Gastronomy and Unboiling an Egg

    After recently rediscovering Heston Blumenthal I’ve been reading a lot about molecular gastronomy and, as such, Hervé This and Nicholas Kurti – the grandfathers of molecular gastronomy and Blumenthal’s inspiration. Now it appears Hervé This has unboiled an egg.