Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Earth

Bad Astronomy compiles a list of ten things you don’t know about the Earth. You probably (hopefully?) know a few of these already.

  1. The Earth is smoother than a billiard ball
  2. The Earth is an oblate spheroid
  3. The Earth isn’t an oblate spheroid
  4. The Earth is not exactly aligned with its geoid
  5. Jumping into a hole through the Earth is like orbiting it
  6. The Earth’s interior is hot due to impacts, shrinkage, sinkage, and radioactive decay
  7. The Earth has at least five natural moons; but not really
  8. The Earth is getting more massive
  9. Mt. Everest isn’t the biggest mountain
  10. Destroying the Earth is hard

Amazingly I did know about the bloggers’ favourite, number 5, thanks to an uploaded clip from an old History Channel programme on gravity. So there.

via Kottke