The Flynn Effect and Our Declining IQs

The Flynn Effect is the gradual rise of the average IQ over generations, and the reason why IQ tests are periodically renormalised to reset the average to 100: an average IQ in our generation equals a higher than average IQ a generation or two beforehand. Or does it?

According to new research it appears that the Flynn effect is in reverse—or is at best correcting itself.

The researchers surmise that the performance decline is due to “some qualitative change in the emphasis on abstract reasoning and problem-solving [within the educational system] or a decreased emphasis on speed”.

This isn’t new, of course, and was noted almost two years ago with this interesting comment:

Does this mean we’re becoming less intelligent? Probably not. It likely reflects the fact that the skill set of population is changing and that we become practised at different tasks at different rates as modern life develops.

via Mind Hacks