The Hacker’s Diet

Feeling a little overweight? Having trouble understanding all that fitness and health lingo? Want some simple advice, written for the geek inside you? You need The Hacker’s Diet.

Conceived by John Walker (co-founder of Autodesk), it’s a diet that approaches weight loss “as both an engineering and a management problem.” The Wikipedia entry is also quite enlightening.

The absurdity of my situation finally struck home in 1987. “Look,” I said to myself, “you founded one of the five biggest software companies in the world, Autodesk. You wrote large pieces of AutoCAD, the world standard for computer aided design. You’ve made in excess of fifty million dollars without dropping dead, going crazy, or winding up in jail. You’ve succeeded at some pretty difficult things, and you can’t control your flippin’ weight?”

Through all the years of struggling with my weight, the fad diets, the tedious and depressing history most fat people share, I had never, even once, approached controlling my weight the way I’d work on any other problem: a malfunctioning circuit, a buggy program, an ineffective department in my company.

via Lifehacker