The Introverted Traveller

Starting with the declaration that “We introverts have a different style of travel, and I’m tired of hiding it”, Sophia Dembling looks at the differences in how introverts and extroverts travel, and what this means.

I’m always happy enough when interesting people stumble into my path. It’s a lagniappe, and I’m capable of connecting with people when the opportunity arises. And when the chemistry is right, I enjoy it.

But I don’t seek people out, I am terrible at striking up conversations with strangers and I am happy exploring a strange city alone. I don’t seek out political discourse with opinionated cab drivers or boozy bonding with locals over beers into the wee hours. […]

For some of us, meeting people is not the sole purpose of travel. I travel for the travel. […] It’s good to know that I might be a loner, but I’m not alone.

This is exactly what I needed to read: considering any extensive travel I always feel like I’ll enjoy it less due to my moderate introversion. This article and the corresponding tips make me realise that it’s OK.

Like Jason (via), this reminds me of one of my favourite essays: Caring for Your Introvert (which in turn reminds me of The Nerd Handbook). I loved these two essays when I first read them, and think of them both often.