UML: Not Good and Not Funny

An hilarious diatribe on UML and it’s practices:

The Teaching Assistant for your OO-101 class has instructed me to approach you directly about the D-minus grade I got on my term paper “An evaluation of the proposed Unified Modeling Language (UML)“. I hope you will consider changing it to something better — a plain D perhaps? — as it would be a real blow to my Grade Point Average, already not in too good shape after that “Fail” you gave me in your last class. (You may remember that in the final exam I wrote “there may have been other things between sliced bread and Java“. I now realize how ill-advised that comment was and sincerely apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings.)

I realize of course the reason for the D-minus and appreciate your generosity in not being harsher on me. As the T.A. pointed out, there was not anything positive about the UML in my paper! Surely that cannot be right. Everyone says the UML is a breakthrough in software engineering, and who am I to question this? That’s why I am not asking you to change my grade just because of the effect on my GPA, although I do hope you will appreciate that it’s not nice to lose my Good Student insurance rate, not to mention girlfriends and the like. No, I admit I was wrong and I want to make up for it. There must be something good to say about the UML.

via The Regsiter