Underschedule and Make Your Free Time Count

If you underschedule¬†you achieve time affluence, the ability (time) to master¬†something you are not required to, and the freedom to expose yourself to ‘positive randomness’ (unexpected opportunities). Cal Newport¬†then goes on to suggest simple but effective advice on how to make your (newfound) free time count¬†(I paraphrase and generalise):

Once a week do each of the following:

  • Listen to an educational or inspiring talk/speech (educational and inspiring are not necessarily mutually exclusive)
  • Relax for at least an hour or two with a book
  • Identify one person who has done something you admire and email them asking a concise and specific question about how they got started down that path.

Start a project

  • Something big and ambitious that has no external deadlines or pressure (creating a blog, starting a business, etc.).
  • The idea is not to finish this is one or two weeks‚Ķ if you can, it’s neither big nor ambitious.

Plan ‘adventures’

  • Anything you find fun: a cinema trip, dinner in or out, a photo walk, a drive to somewhere interesting.
  • Do it with friends