What a Non-Programmer Should Do In a Startup

Twenty things a non-programmer should do in a startup; a list compiled by Spencer Fry in response to a question asked on Hacker News:

  1. Writing the copy for the website. Mainly keeping the support documents up-to-date.
  2. Doing all the business related tasks.
  3. Doing all the customer service.
  4. Handling all incoming e-mail.
  5. Doing all of the social networking stuff (facebook, twitter).
  6. Doing all of our marketing. Handling Google AdWords, banner advertising, text advertising, etc.
  7. Dealing exclusively with our accountant.
  8. Tracking all of our expenses, etc., into Excel and getting everything ready for accountant (see 7).
  9. Handling all legal work with our lawyer.
  10. Doing all of our networking. I’m the guy that goes to all of our relevant events.
  11. We all come up with ideas for product development.
  12. Blogging. I do all the blogging.
  13. Handling payroll. I do that.
  14. Dealing with the bank accounts. I deal directly with the small business rep at our bank.
  15. Market research. I find out as much as I can about our competitors, what they do, etc. I also learn about our market as a whole.
  16. Handling all incoming advertising requests, setting up their campaigns, etc.
  17. Dealing directly with all our merchants (credit cards + PayPal). Dealing with the very few chargebacks we receive.
  18. Paying all of our bills (server expenses, software licenses, domains, advertising, etc.) and monitoring our cash flow.
  19. Pitching. I handle all of that.
  20. Anything that requires a phone call. Incoming or outgoing.

Fry has now written an article that provides information on what exactly these twenty tasks entail.

via @alexjmann