What People Pay For

As a natural follow-up to his Monetizing Your Web App article [previously], Dan Zambonini looks at user needs and what people are willing to pay for:

  • Time: Convenience, Efficiency, Immediacy
  • Scarcity
  • Comfort
  • Esteem: Id, Desirability, Self-Image, Ego
  • Belonging: Relationships, Sex, Affection
  • Survival: Health, Safety, Wellbeing
  • Financial Security: Wealth, Success, Career
  • Entertainment: Emotion, Experiences
  • Intellectual Stimulation: Creativity, Learning, Expression

I concur with this:

I highly recommend reading Kevin Kelly’s brilliant Better Than Free article, where he discusses the concept of “Generatives”: non-copyable qualities that retain value in a digital age.

Those generatives: Immediacy, Personalization, Interpretation, Authenticity, Accessibility, Embodiment, Patronage and Findability.