Why Marriages Fail

Dr Rob Dobrenski of Shrink Talk has an absolutely fantastic post on reasons why marriages fail. These are the seven he felt worthy of note:

  1. Marriage requires compatibility not just at the point of saying ‘I do,’ but across the entire life span.
  2. Assuming that marriage implies monogamy, the institution itself is counterintuitive to biology.
  3. There is far too much emphasis on ‘weddings’ as opposed to ‘marriages.’
  4. Many couples do not know how to fight fairly.
  5. Marriages [don’t] solve problems.
  6. People settle for less than what they want.
  7. Couples assume they are immune to reasons 1-6 and believe that hard work isn’t part of the deal. They think that love, sex, children or some combination thereof will be enough.

On the topic of marriage I found this recapitulation of John Molloy’s Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Others interesting (and a little ridiculous).