10 Tips for Achieving Intense Productivity

RSD’s Tyler gives us some tips for achieving periods of intense productivity by avoiding the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ problem (plus some comments):

  1. Remove the Internet from your house
    A bit extreme for me, but limiting its use is undoubtedly a good idea.
  2. Remove television from your house
    I don’t watch ‘broadcast’ TV anyway: it’s too mind-numbing.
  3. Eat more fruit (especially berries), vegetables, and clean meats
  4. Black out your bedroom and sleep in the pitch dark
    Unbelievably great idea.
  5. Turn your cell phone off
    My philosophy: my mobile phone’s for my convenience, not yours. I keep mine on ‘silent’ mode 100% of the time already.
  6. Recognise drama and avoid it
  7. When you do something fun, make sure it’s something you really enjoy
  8. Meditate for 20 minutes a day
    I’ve never meditated before, but shall attend a Vipassana meditation course in the new year.
  9. Increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain through exercising
    My eternal nemesis: exercise. My PodRunner routine will be starting again soon now that my shin’s healed.
  10. Read books that have the vibe that you want for yourself
    This year, my reading habits have been excellent.

Thanks, Andy