100 Items or Less

No, it’s not the new checkout lane at the supermarket, but Dave Bruno’s purging goal (summary):

And honestly, it is difficult to purge.  What goes?  That is a hard decision.  But I have an idea.  A spontaneous idea that might change my life forever.  I’m calling it the 100 Thing Challenge.  And I’m taking it.

“Things are to be used.  People are to be loved.”  The crazy thing about our consumer culture is that we so often reverse it.  We use people to get the things we think we’ll love.  How stupid.

Time recently ran an article on the challenge:

That’s not the only dilemma faced by this new wave of goal-oriented minimalists. One of the trickier questions is what counts as an item. Bruno considers a pair of shoes to be a single entity, which seems sensible but still pretty hard-core when you’re trying to jettison all but 100 personal possessions.

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One response to “100 Items or Less”

  1. Anonymous

    I have over 100 pairs of shoes – it could be a very difficult task for me.

    All cheapy shoes mind you i.e. I’m no imedla marcus