20 Things Everyone Needs to Know

I’m usually quite sceptical about similar lists, but The Independent‘s 20 Things Everyone Needs to Know struck me as actually useful as each list item is authored by a professional who works in that field.

And when you’ve got an article co-authored by the likes of Donald Trump, Jennifer Capriati and Larry King, how can you possibly resist?

  1. How to change a tyre
  2. How to sleep
  3. How to build a fire
  4. How to shine shoes
  5. How to make a Martini
  6. How to apply lipstick
  7. How to negotiate
  8. How to scramble eggs
  9. How to hang a picture
  10. How to ask for a rise or promotion
  11. How to use chopsticks
  12. How to iron a shirt
  13. How to shave
  14. How to hit a tennis ball
  15. How to listen
  16. How to ask someone out
  17. How to learn a foreign language
  18. How to shake hands
  19. How to buy a diamond
  20. How to conduct a background investigation