Executing Your Idea

Serial entrepreneur Alex Mann implores us to take action, in this series of posts on executing your business idea:

  1. Be An Executioner
  2. Who’s Your Market
  3. Building Your Team
  4. Gaining Momentum
  5. Develop Your Moat

As Alex reiterates in Gaining Momentum, this advice that originally appeared in the comments section of the introduction (written by friend and millionaire entrepreneur Derek Sivers) is important, if not imperative:

MAKE it, even if you don’t have the massive programming-skill available, then make a super lo-fi or no-fi version and just get started with a couple friends and volunteers.

It’s SO much more impressive to hear someone say, “There’s this thing that I’ve started doing that a lot of people seem to like.”



2 responses to “Executing Your Idea”

  1. Thanks Lloyd. I appreciate this.

  2. Pleasure Alex. These are a great bunch of posts.