How To Destroy a Marriage

In response to Dr Rob Dobrenski’s article on why marriages fail (linked previously), The Last Psychiatrist looks at various “post-marriage accelerators of divorce”—things you can do today to destroy your marriage (limited time offer):

  • Be contemptuous
  • Bring your work home (emotionally)
  • Rush through your ‘family life’ in order to spend time with yourself
  • Be painfully honest with friends/colleagues about your relationship
  • Communicate through your kids
  • Refill hedonistic supplies (“look elsewhere for affirmation of identity”)

TLP compiled this list because he felt that Dr Dobrenski’s article focused more on “reasons [that] are generally of the type ‘unrealistic expectations’ or at least ‘the wrong impression.’   In other words, the marriages failed not because of what went on in the marriage, but because people were oriented wrong before they even got married.”



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