How to Internet: Introduction

When Lloyd asked me to fill in, I was a bit stumped. Because the content I post to Link Banana is similar to the stuff that Lloyd posts, and I already struggle to keep that full–I didn’t really want to put that stuff here. I also didn’t really want to ape his style, as I’d almost inevitably have done that poorly.

Generously, Lloyd specified that I could publish anything I thought would be of interest. And it was while I was considering the odd nature of that fact that he and I know each other at all–for those not keeping score Lloyd is a Brit who lives in the Netherlands, I’m an American who lives in Colorado, we’ve never met in person–that I thought about how different the internet I know and love is from that known to almost all my “real life” friends, those of my siblings, parents, and pretty much anyone who I share physical spaces with on a regular basis.

So, if you’ll all allow me, my intent over this week is to explore that “Grand Canyon big” gap and how one could cross it if they so desired. I don’t know that anything I manage to publish here will be as interesting or valuable to the Lone Gunman’s readers as what Lloyd usually does, but I hope it’ll come close.



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