Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Another one from the year-old+ StumbleUpon archives: a video to help in imagining the tenth dimension.

Apparently the book isn’t scientifically up-to-par and wouldn’t survive the remotest hint of peer review, but the video is interesting nonetheless.



One response to “Imagining the Tenth Dimension”

  1. Hey Lone Gunman, thanks for posting a link to my video, I appreciate your support. You’re absolutely right about my book, I make it very clear that it is “not about mainstream physics” but rather about a “new way of thinking about time and space” which blends physics and philosophy. You might be interested in a new quote from author and psychobiologist David Jay Brown (who you might know from the article he wrote for Scientific American Mind early this year, or from his books):

    “Rob Bryanton’s Imagining the Tenth Dimension is one of the most brilliantly-conceived and mind-stretching books that I’ve ever encountered. Bryanton presents a uniquely compelling model of our 10-dimensional universe, that allows one to visualize and grasp the topography of the higher dimensions in a step-by-step manner. This is must reading for anyone interested in the philosophy of physics, shamanic exploration, or the nature of reality.”
    –David Jay Brown, author of Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse

    I continue to be contacted by people from a huge number of disciplines saying they see connections between what I’m portraying and their own ideas about the nature of reality, and for that I’m very grateful.


    Rob Bryanton