Login Is Not a Verb

We do not signup, login or checkout when we buy products online. We do not startup, shutdown or backup our computers. The reason: these words, primarily used in computing contexts, are not verbs.

These are just some of the “bad bad verbs” featured on a site dedicated to “informing people about words that are not verbs, even though people misuse them that way”. From what I can gather, this all started with loginisnotaverb.com:

Despite what many people — mostly in the computer field — think, “login” is not a verb. It’s simply not. Whether or not “login” is a word at all may spark a debate in some circles, but assuming it is then it may act as many parts of speech, but not as a verb.

And so it goes with all of these non-verbs:

  • backup
  • carryout
  • checkout
  • cutover
  • cutoff
  • failover
  • login
  • logoff
  • logon
  • logout
  • lockdown
  • pickup
  • setup
  • shutdown
  • shutoff
  • signin
  • signoff
  • signout
  • signup
  • startup

Of course, there’s the MeFi and HN threads to accompany your reading.



3 responses to “Login Is Not a Verb”

  1. don’t forget “checkin”! check-in noun, check in verb.

  2. Ah, of course. We don’t want people to checkin to their flights now, do we?

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