North Korean Propaganda Posters

These North Korean Propaganda Posters are fascinating. I’ve always loved the design of propaganda posters and this book compiles a great selection from DPRK.

Let’s extensively raise goats in all families!

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2 responses to “North Korean Propaganda Posters”

  1. Fascinating! They are on par with the ridiculous Allied and German posters during the world wars. I wonder if intelligent people are swayed by such blatant propaganda.

  2. I think for people who live in countries like the DPRK—where they are confronted by these messages throughout their entire life—it’s inevitable that even intelligent people are swayed by it. Which is quite sad, really.

    I suppose it’s a mix of the exposure effect and a number of other techniques used in propaganda that contribute to this. After all, I assume the people running these campaigns are actually some of the more intelligent people in the country who just so happen to also have some rather nasty prejudices.

    It reminds me of this quote from Mind Hacks:

    “This is the ‘psychological blind spot’ which most marketing is targeted at. Indeed, I’ve always suspected that it’s the people who say “advertising doesn’t affect me” who are the marketers’ dream consumer, largely because they lack insight into the inescapable effects of marketing.”

    I would like to think that advertising doesn’t necessarily affect me due to my knowledge about how it ‘works’; similarly with propaganda. However, I believe I may be deluding myself.

    On a lighter note, I’ve just bought this book of Soviet propaganda posters for my brothers birthday this weekend. Can’t wait to see it!