Physiognomy and Looking Creditworthy

Using data from the person-to-person lending company, research is starting to show that—when it comes to analysing creditworthyness—the once discredited science of physiognomy may be valid.

In other words, people may be able to tell if we are actually trustworthy just from looking at our facial features.

Science proceeds by trial and error. The successes are trumpeted. The errors are often regarded with embarrassment by subsequent generations, and locked away in attic rooms of the subject’s mansion like mad relatives in a Victorian novel. Usually, they stay there. Craniology, phrenology and eugenics, once-respectable fields of endeavour that are now regarded with a shudder, may shriek from time to time, but few sane people pay attention to them. One, however, has escaped recently, and is trying to rehabilitate itself. For years physiognomy—the idea that a person’s face is a reflection of his character—was sneered at. Now, it is making a come back.



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