Presentation Masterclass

LifeHack has just started what I hope will become an informative and useful series entitled Presentation Masterclass, courtesy of Rowan Manahan.

Audiences are so deluged with advertising messages and radio jingles, with phone calls, voicemail, email, SMS and IM, with… stuff in their personal lives that unless you, the presenter, are wowing them with every word, you will lose their attention in a matter of seconds.

I am always striving to improve my public speaking and my presentation style, so this series is a welcome addition. I just hope it continues to be as good as the introductory article.

As a starting point, I recommend some detox to clear your body and mind from a lifetime of exposure to sucky presentations. I strongly recommend that you expose yourself to some great presenters:

  • Check out Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Guy Kawasaki, Steve Jobs, and Dick Hardt on YouTube.
  • Have a look at some of the wizards on – Rives, Hans Rosling, Barnett Thomas, Lawrence Lessig and Ken Robinson all stand out, but there are reams more on this invaluable resource.
  • Go over to Common Craft and have a look at their ‘plain English’ tutorials on aspects of Web 2.0

The one common theme that emerges from this tremendous diversity of presenters, topics and styles is RESPECT. By every word and deed, they demonstrate absolute respect for both their audiences and themselves.



One response to “Presentation Masterclass”

  1. Andrew Smith

    Good link. Bad power point presentations really piss me off. Even if you’re confident and interesting, a bad slide set can ruin a presentation. If the presenter uses slides as a prompt for the speech, or puts more than ten words a slide then I start to get really annoyed.

    You should also check out this blog: I’m a regular reader and recently brought his book (which I also recommend).

    I’ve got a tag for good presentations and delivery which you may or may not want to check out:

    And finally, why does WorldPress make the message box so small by default?