Summarising Joel on Software

Now that Joel Spolsky has ‘retired’ from blogging at Joel on Software (in the format the site has been known for, at least), Jan Willem Boer is reading the entire back-catalogue of entries and condensing the knowledge within each essay into a single sentence (or two).

The result is a stunning list of tips on running a small business, programming best practices, productivity tips, technical hiring practices and entrepreneurship.

The series:



2 responses to “Summarising Joel on Software”

  1. Yoav

    I’ve been visiting Joel’s site for about 8 years and was saddened when he decided to end its run, although the infrequency of his postings over the last year led me to think it was going to happen sooner than later.

    It’s one of the few sites in which I have gone back and read all the archives, and it would’ve been one of the few sites in which I would’ve paid a fee to read.

  2. I have to agree.

    Joel on Software was/is a fantastic resource and its discontinuation is a real pity.