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  • The Omega Point

    The Singularity again, but this time a Gravitational (or Spacetime) Singularity. Specifically the one at the end of existence of the universe. The Omega Point is the moment during the theoretical Big Crunch when – just before the final, all-ending gravitational singularity – “the computational capacity of the universe is capable of increasing at a…

  • The Singularity & The Meaning of Life. Again

    Last Friday I spoke of The Meaning of Life and how many believe it is highly coupled to the technological singularity. Now, in timely fashion, IEEE Spectrum has released it’s new issue, concentrating on this subject. Interesting reviews and quotes at kottke and Mind Hacks.

  • The Meaning of Life. No, Seriously!

    This is what started it all. By bringing some interesting philosophical questions to the table, this discussion got me seriously thinking about what impact not following a structured and continuous personal and professional development plan can have on both my quality of life and that of the world directly around me. The FAQ on the…