Ted Kennedy’s Eulogy for Bobby Kennedy

Earlier this week I listened to and read Ted Kennedy’s eulogy for his brother, Robert Kennedy. I had never heard this speech before and it is a fantastic oration worth listening to in full. However…

  • I would advise listening to the speech on the embedded video while reading along so that you can hear the emotion in Ted Kennedy’s voice—fantastic!
  • Don’t just listen to the speech using the embedded video as the overlaid music is horrendous and occasionally distracting.
  • The recording of the speech is 9:45 in length, seven minutes of which is an excerpt from Robert Kennedy’s own Day of Affirmation Address to the students of the University of Capetown, South Africa (June 6, 1966).

via Ben Casnocha



2 responses to “Ted Kennedy’s Eulogy for Bobby Kennedy”

  1. Thanks, Jonathan.

    The link to the (much superior) video is much appreciated.