The Nature of Gender

Using the story of 8-year-old Brandon, The Atlantic discusses the nature of gender, and the issues of ‘treating’ gender identity disorder in children.

It took the gay-rights movement 30 years to shift from the Stonewall riots to gay marriage; now its transgender wing, long considered the most subversive, is striving for suburban normalcy too. The change is fuelled mostly by a community of parents who, like many parents of this generation, are open to letting even preschool children define their own needs.

I, somewhat prematurely, hope that as a parent I’ll strive to bestow gender-neutral toys on my child(ren) and attempt not to force gender roles on them.  ‘Til then I’m left pondering; is ‘gender’ a physical, psychological, or societal construct?

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  1. a long way to take coscience of my own gender condition,i had enough time to analise transgender feelings.something actually inesplicable.but sone shure:the sofference..a never ending story with a dignitous way to accept the solution to give peace to a extrasensible perception of realty in order with what you feel when scientific and medical research finally will give the definitive answers.please treat trans people with lovely care…we want just live a life as human being not freaks…Thanks!your sincerelly