Top 10 Ads by Movie Directors

I think I could easily spend an entire day watching well directed TV commercials. This compilation of the top 10 commercials by movie directors, however, saves me some wasted time and gets straight to the point.

Back in 2001, a genius pen-chewing BMW marketing exec stumbled on a belter of an idea – fling bundles of money at high-class filmmakers in exchange for short films based on their automobiles. Directors of the series ‘The Hire’ ranged from the classy (Ang Lee, Wong Kar-Wai) to the not-so classy (Guy Ritchie) but by far the most entertaining episode was Tony Scott’s ten-minute tease, which saw Clive Owen’s ‘Driver’ race Gary Oldman’s devil for the prize of James Brown’s eternal soul. Hell, just watch it, it’s awesome.

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