Top 10 Real Estate Resources

Lifehacker’s list of the top ten real estate search tools is mostly (completely?) US-centric, but useful nonetheless given that I am determined to move across the pond in the near future.

  1. Find what a house is really worth at Zillow.
  2. Google Maps + Google Base = Google’rific house searching
  3. Track housing trends with Trulia.
  4. Instantly map Craigslist listings onto a Google Map with Mapskrieg.
  5. Get constantly updated using Craigslist RSS feeds.
  6. Compare buying vs. renting by region at HotPads.
  7. Yahoo Neighborhoods lays out demographic averages while City-Data details “crime, housing, school performance, and pretty much anything that’s been collected and stored”.
  8. Find equivalent neighbourhoods at Homethinking Neighborhoods.
  9. Simple and efficient real estate searching with Roost.
  10. Check out U-Haul’s Box Exchange instead of stalking the supermarket for weeks before your move.



One response to “Top 10 Real Estate Resources”

  1. Thanks for the post and mention Lloyd. We’re glad you think Roost is simple and efficient. That’s what we’re trying to build. Provide fast and efficient access to the MLS. Roost is (by the way) the only site on your list that gives consumers access to search their local MLS.