Year Four in Review

It’s been a quiet year on Lone Gunman with only 76 posts published over the last 366 days: but the response has been as great as ever.

This year is a special one for Lone Gunman¬†as it was four years ago today–during the last leap day–that the first post was published. It’s been a great experience and the site has evolved a lot, as you can see if you take a look through my previous ‘in review’ posts (Year One, Year Two, Year Three).

And so the passing of another year can mean only one thing‚Ķ Lone Gunman is four, and this is Year Four in Review; a compilation of the best things I’ve read on the Internet over the last twelve months.

Lone Gunman Keywords (Year Four) -
Visualisation of the 50 most frequently used keywords on Lone Gunman in year four.

Items definitely not to miss are highlighted (probably not through an RSS feed reader). [LG] denotes my original post.

First, the three most read and shared posts from the past year: Food-Based Body Clock the Key to Jet Lag, Inventive Ways to Control Trolls and Optimal Caffeine Consumption.



The Brain, Our Senses






Guest Posts

Finally, this year I’m extremely grateful to two friends for taking over Lone Gunman during a vacation. Their posts were excellent, and I recommend you go back and review them:




One response to “Year Four in Review”

  1. Andrew Smith

    Great stuff Lloyd. Looking forward to year five in review.