Year One in Review

366 days, 616 posts and 15,144 spam comments later, I am happy and proud to announce that Lone Gunman is now one year old (founded on February 29th 2008, I suppose it’s not even that, is it?).

LG has evolved into something completely different to what I had first envisaged and the whole experience of writing here for the past year has been fantastic: one of the most rewarding online experiences of my life and something I hope to continue doing far into the future.

After learning more about the topics I love because of this site, I have wanted to review the past year’s posts. With that said I present: The Best Stuff I’ve Read on the Internet in the Last 366 Days, or, more succinctly, Year One in Review.

Lone Gunman Keywords (Year One) -
Visualisation of the 50 most frequently used keywords on Lone Gunman to date.

Items definitely not to miss are highlighted (probably not through an RSS feed reader). [LG] denotes my original post.

First, the three most-revisited links of the past year: Wikipedia’s list of common misconceptions [LG], list of logical fallacies [LG], and list of cognitive biases [LG]: three links will change how you think.


Economics and Finance

Just, Interesting

Books Reading is always a pleasure and during the past 12 months I’ve done a lot of it. These posts influenced my reading habits (and Amazon wish list) tremendously:

Zen Mastery I decided to pursue Zen-through-minimalism. These were either inspiring or useful:

Intelligence Research into intelligence and its correlates was plentiful, these articles catching my eye specifically:

Writing and Speaking Two things I strive to improve.

Most Popular Post: LHC First Beam, a collection of links from the morning of the LHC’s first beam.




5 responses to “Year One in Review”

  1. Awesome compilation, I had to Stumble it! Thanks for keeping track of all these great references and sharing, and thanks for including a post from! Now I have about two dozen other links to go follow! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Cody.
    I’m glad you like the compilation, and it was a pleasure to include the article… I thought it was great.
    And a special thanks for stumbling the article: it’s greatly appreciated.
    Cheers, Lloyd.

  3. Hellz yeah, Lloyd. Congratulations on one year! This should keep me occupied tomorrow!

  4. Cheers, Andy. Here’s to a productive day in work tomorrow and to me getting the first round of drinks on the weekend to celebrate one year.

    Or something like that.

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